The Paragon Games Tournament Series is a Magic: The Gathering tournament series for Australia's MTG community.

Play in Paragon Opens to qualify for the Paragon Championship and compete against the best to be the Paragon Champion!

Tournament Schedule

The first season of the Paragon Games Tournament Series will include five Paragon Opens culminating in the Paragon Championship for the season's 16 best players!

Tournament Schedule

Diamond OpenStandardThe Games CapitalSat 17 Sep, 10am
Sapphire OpenModernJolt GamesSat 1 Oct, 10:30am
Onyx OpenModernThree D6Sun 16 Oct, 10am
Ruby OpenStandardThe Games CapitalSat 29 Oct, 10am
Emerald OpenStandardJolt GamesSat 5 Nov, 10:30am
Paragon ChampionshipStandardThree D6Sat 26 Nov, 10am

Your chance to qualify for the Paragon Championship!

Paragon Opens are sanctioned constructed tournaments. This means that you will be awarded Planeswalker Points for competing in Opens. All Opens will use a Swiss pairings system with a cut to a single-elimination Top 8.

Paragon Opens give you two paths to the Paragon Championship:

Winning an Open
Enter an Open and come first.
Paragon Points
Be amongst the top 11 Paragon Points leaders at the end of the season. Gain Paragon Points by playing in Opens. The higher you place and more Opens you play, the more Paragon Points you get!
Ties in Paragon Points will be broken based on total Match Points across all Paragon Open events.

Paragon Open Prizes and Player Rewards

Each Open has a minimum of $250 in guaranteed cash prizes. Also up for grabs are free subscriptions to OzGuild's collection management service and booster prizes*.

Paragon Open Prize Structure

RecordCash PrizesParagon PointsOther rewards
1st$5010Top 8 rewards + Qualification for the Paragon Championship
2nd$408Top 8 Rewards
3rd-4th$306Top 8 Rewards
5th-8th$254Top 8 Rewards
4-x--2 booster packs*
3-x--1 booster pack*

*Booster prizes will be awarded to anyone not making Top 8 with 3 or 4 match wins, depending on player turn out, so you don't have to worry about going home empty handed because you missed out on Top 8 due to tie-breakers!

Player Rewards

Just for showing up to an Open, you will recieve an exclusive Paragon Open Token illustrated by Canberra's own Joshua Ophel. There are five unique Paragon Open Tokens to collect - Spirit, Octopus, Zombie, Elemental and Beast - each available at different Opens.

Top 8 Rewards

Everyone making Top 8 will additionally be awarded a 3 month subscription to OzGuild, an OzGuild deckbox and an exclusive Top 8 Paragon Games Dragon Token illustrated by Joshua Ophel.

OzGuild subscription

Top 8 Dragon token by Mythic

Pre-Registration Rewards

By pre-registering for Opens, you'll recieve an additional Paragon Open Token for the event you attend and an exclusive pre-registration only Thopter token!

Thopter token by Mythic

In addition, pre-registering puts you into the draw to win a Kaladesh Bundle (formerly known as a Fat Pack)!

Go into the draw to win a Kaladesh Bundle by pre-registering for Paragon Opens

Make sure you Register in advance to get the most value out of your tournament experience!

The final battlefield, the Paragon Championship pitches the 16 best players of the series against each other for their share of $500 in cash and other prizes and the title of Paragon Champion.

Championship Structure

The Paragon Championship will be a mixed format constructed tournament. The Championship will follow a double-elimination structure playing both Standard and Modern formats.

Paragon Points still matter. In every match of the Championship, from the beginning all the way to the final, the player with more Paragon Points chooses whether to play or draw first.

Paragon Championship Prizes and Player Rewards

Championship Prizes

PlaceCash PrizesOther rewards
1st$140OzGuild Playmat + 1 year subscription to OzGuild + Championship Rewards
2nd$100Championship Rewards
3rd$70Championship Rewards
4th$50Championship Rewards
5th-6th$40Championship Rewards
7th-8th$30Championship Rewards
9th+-Championship Rewards

Championship Rewards

As well as the chance to battle for the Championship title, you'll be rewarded for making it to the Paragon Championship with these perks:

  • A Paragon Avatar Token illustrated by Joshua Ophel
  • 3 month subscription to OzGuild
  • An OzGuild Deckbox